Survey statistics

Survey statistics

Data collected in Kakuma and Nakivale represents the first dataset of its kind to focus on understanding the use of mobile technology and the internet within refugee populations in Kenya and Uganda.

The following is a summary of the data collected based on a sampling strategy centred around age, gender and population distributions in each refugee location.

Figure1: age of respondents surveyed

Both Kakuma and Nakivale are home to a relatively young population of refugees, a characteristic typical of East Africa. The larger percentage of respondents aged 25 to 44 reflects a greater willingness of older refugees (those over 24) to speak with enumerators during the study.

Figure2: GEnder mix

The proportion of men and women interviewed at both locations reflects the relative gender balance that exists.

Figure 3: Distribution of nationalities surveyed

The population spread of refugees surveyed is broadly indicative of the major refugee nationalities present in each location.